Wednesday Bento

Today’s bento is plain rice with sweet chili shrimps, some stir-fried sweet pea, sungold yellow tomatoes and seeing the portion in his bento while I was packing it, my husband asked if he could have an egg to go with it too.

“Bull’s Eye!” and he grinned.

So one bull’s eye egg went with it.

Here’s a peek at the shrimp under the bull’s eye. There’s snow peas in there too.

To be honest, I had realized that I underestimated the shrimp portion for my man, and I was raking my brain trying to find something else to add to it with so little time left.

At exactly that point, the Hubby spoke up.

Good job he did!


I have been multi-tasking/blogging…

… and I forgot to post the bentos I made.

Sorry about that.

Anyhoo, here’s the one I made for my husband on Monday. Brown rice mixed with bits of kimchi, lap cheong (Chinese sausages, in season during this Chinese New Year) and celery kinpira.

I discovered the rice was too soft, and made a mental note to adjust the water level next time. And in the end, my husband announced he didn’t like brown rice.

“But it’s healthier!” I exclaimed.

He shrugged.

Tuesday, he had plain rice with furikake, pan-fried salted chicken (the meat well done and I removed the skin after frying) and red pepper & broccoli kinpira.

This one he liked.

Tuesday Bento

Today’s bento is plain rice with furikake (from Daiso), chicken katsu with tonkatsu sauce in a separate container, carrot kinpira and some sungold cherry tomatoes. Following yesterday’s complaint that there was too much rice, my husband reminded me to pack it a little looser today.

Ok Sir!

*As you can see, poor meat-cutting with a less than sharp knife on my part.

I think that the chicken fillet was a little more chunky than may be comfortable for my dear husband. Next time I would either get a thinner slice or pound the meat a little before marinating it.

Been thinking about coming up with a more creative way to title my daily bentos on this blog instead of just ‘xxx day Bento’.

*Thinking cap ON*

Hubs liked the carrot kinpira.

First Bento of 2009!

Yay! I finally got to make one to start the year!

And it happened on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year to say the least.

Anyway, the kids are home for the CNY holidays and will only be back to school next week. So today I was able to leisurely prepare my husband’s lunch bento.

I was telling him two nights ago that I finally feel the ‘real’ work of 2009 will begin as of the next day.

Which means after all the expenses incurred during Christmas, New Year & Chinese New Year holidays, time to cut back on the spending.

And that’s where the Bento comes neatly in.

My husband’s bento today is Kimchi Fried Rice, Biggie‘s recipe.  I left out the egg though ‘cos by the time I got to frying all the meat and vege, it was just too much work to add the egg!

Plus, at that very minute, my coming-to-4 yr old asked me a barrage of questions about breakfast and whether there’s pre-school today and are we sending Daddy to work!

My husband took this picture. At his office. I forgot to take a picture of it while still at home. Hence a little lacking on the food styling there.

I topped the rice with some steamed slices of the 8 Spice Roll, a favorite food of mine which I found at the freezer section of Servay Likas. (I never did find these in the Giant Supermarkets I’ve been to.)  And we had some leftover apple pies from McD’s so I put that in his bag for dessert or tea time snack. Whichever he prefers. I had wanted to cut up some peaches that I got for him last week but it was time to leave. Maybe tomorrow then.

Husband’s verdict: tasty but too big a helping for him to eat.


But it’s only an 800ml box!

Still, I so enjoyed making bentos again.

This week I am making juice jellos to go.

Happy New Year!

Did you have a memorable countdown? Mine was. At fifteen minutes to midnight, we had a power cut! So countdown was done in darkness!

Ah well…

Had wanted to be able to start posting bentos this week, but looks like it’ll take just a little while longer before we’re fully up and running.

Lunch this year will be made primarily for my husband as all three girls are now at school in the mornings. They come home for a proper lunch at the dining table.

Not sure whether I’ll be making for Lunch Buddy yet though.

And, I got a Lock n Lock for my husband to use this year.

No more Pink Box la Cinds!

Till the next bento, have a good week!


How are y’all doing?

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been to the Food shelf at Daiso and found that you could get packs of Furikake of different flavors, some shoyu (not the more popularly known Kikkoman brand though) and Seaweed in various forms i.e. sprouts, shredded, sheets etc.


And, I got myself a 5kg pack of sushi rice (imported) from Servay for RM37. At Merdeka Supermarket it’s sold for RM34 for just 2kg.

Remember, these are just my own observations purely as the consumer, and am not in any way affiliated to the said retail stores.

Have a good week everyone!

It’s that time of year

The Christmas season is upon us. As such, I am going on a bento-blogging Christmas break.

Bentomaking has been a wonderful experience since I started. I am looking forward to starting again when school re-opens in January 09.

Life’s a little like this for me this month…


Nonetheless, have a Blessed Christmas Everyone. Happy Bento-ing whenever you get a chance to!