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Week Three

I just discovered that my post was a subject of discussion at an online forum. Wow. Didn’t realise how far reaching my (mis?) adventures went. Nice to know this blog has a small following. It’s a great motivator to keep making my bentos!

This week…

  1. I’m really getting the hang of packing the 3:1:2 ratio. Some of my limitations (subjective, I know) is the availability of fresh produce. I tend to use the same fruit and vege over and over just because they are readily available. But I try to my best to give a variation anyway. I’ll just need to come up with a little strategy on how and where to get the freshest produce available. (Hence planting my own veges!)
  2. After that, I want to take the presentation aspect of the bentos up a notch in the coming week. Maybe beginning with shape-making using my cookie cutters.
  3. I’m really happy that my picky eater is eating everything! That really blesses a Mommy’s heart. 🙂

I’ve just added another bento blog link on my page. I am so inspired by this one. Her bentos look effortlessly beautiful! Go check it out.

This weekend I am going shopping at Daiso.


Friday Bento

Today’s bento is plain rice with shaped eggs, (“Mommy, look! I ate the fish’s head!”, “annnd the wheel of the car goes into my mouth!”) mini vege spring rolls and a cut corn cob each.

The spring rolls were too spicy for my kids.

Otherwise, everything else was gobbled away! The icing on the cake would’ve been for the kids to splash soy sauce all over their rice and egg. MUST get that liquid dropper on my next trip to Daiso!

Next time though, I will cut the corn cobs into tinier slices so it looks like a sunflower!

No Bento for the men today. It’s Lunch Buddy’s turn to treat.

Thursday Bento

“That was a sumptuous lunch!” declared my husband as he walked through the door of our home this evening.



Anyway, my daughter had a Children’s Day activity at school. Parents were asked to attend. The timing was a little off from the usual School rounds routine. So I decided to just buy them lunch this time.

As such, I made only the men’s bentos.

They had Fried Rice with Vietnamese Garlic Chicken pieces, stir-fried Bean Sprouts and Egg Rolls. I also made them Pancake Sandwiches. And I managed to take a photo of the men’s bento today.


No lah.

I had my husband take a photo of it at his office. Heh!  Should’ve thought of that move earlier!

“That’s a lot of really nice food you’ve managed today” he said too.

The secret: I prepared them all last night! All I did this morning was fry the rice and steam the egg rolls.

Update: Gotta get containers for the Guys’ fruit and dessert la…


Remember how I plan to get an Oshibori to go with the girls’ bento?

Well, a friend of my eldest daughter in Hongkong Disneyland over the Deepavali holidays and brought back a souvenir for her.

Check this out.

It was only as tiny as that when we got it. After soaking in water however, voila!

Kinda cool!

Only thing is, how do you now shrink it again to become the small star that it was?? Or does it even shrink anymore after this?? Does anyone know?

In any case, I’ll be looking around for a compact container (preferably slim!) to house this pretty little towel. I will also try the suggestion to squeeze a little lemon juice on the damp towel that’s supposed to act as an antibacterial agent and leave a pleasant fragrance. Will let you know my own findings soon!

Apa Bah Tu Bento??

This is for you, Jess. 😉

From The Daily Tiffin….

What is Bento?
A traditional bentobox in 'My neighbour Totoro'.
A simple explanation would be that it is the Japanese word for lunchbox. But that would be a gross understatement. If you are at all interested in Japanese food or culture, you have probably seen the word before on a Sushi bar’s menu, or even saw it mentioned in one of the popular anime series around. But for the Japanese people, bento is much more than sushi arranged in a compartmented plate in a restaurant, or a quick lunch to take to school. In fact, making pretty boxed lunches is such an essential skill in Japan it is hard to find any woman that has not mastered it!

So what is so special about it?
One of the main points about bento boxes is that “the eye also eats” – meaning that apart from nourishing, the food should also be attractive on a visual basis.

From Just Bento

What is bento?

Bento, or obento to use the honorific term, is a meal served in a box. Beyond that basic definition though, just about anything goes as to what kind of box or container is used, as well as what is put inside that box,.

From Lunch In A Box

Are there packing rules? How do I pack a bento lunch?

The general rule of thumb for bento make-up is 3 parts carbohydrates such as rice or pasta, 1 part protein, and 2 parts fruits and vegetables, but without candy, junk food or oily foods. Packed this way without gaps, a 600ml box holds a 600-calorie meal, although it’s simple to cut back on carbs for a lighter lunch if you like.

Bringing that home to us here in KK, Sabah – just as we normally have a spread of rice, meat, veges and buah mulut on our meal tables, this meal comes compacted into a little container. And then, it is dicantikkan. Hehe…

For me, it’s helped my picky eater finish everything in her lunchbox and now asks for the same ‘quantity’ (and quality!) for other meals.  😉

And as I’ve mentioned to you before, all my leftovers are used up and no food wastage!

Plenty of ideas to glean from all the sites mentioned. Pelan-pelan la ko baca. Of course, I am available untuk ditanya anytime Babes. Hehe…

So, tunggu apa lagi? Jom Bento!  😉

Wednesday Bento

Today’s bento is alphabet chicken nuggets with Teddy Bear rice (plain rice actually) and a side of steamed corn and fruits.

The Teddy Bear rice was a request from my eldest daughter yesterday. I gotta get that sauce dispenser with the tiny nib to decorate my teddy bears lah! Oh, and a liquid dropper to fill my fancy sauce bottles. Haven’t used those yet and the kids are starting to ask about them.

No bentos for the men today.

Me thinks my bentos are getting a little predictable.

I think I will try making homemade Furikake next.

And I should start getting creative with my cookie cutters too.

Tuesday Bento

Today’s bento is Teriyaki chicken and sweet pea shoots with plain rice, with a side of fruits and a homemade Jelly.

For the men’s bentos, I sprinkled some sesame seeds on top of the rice.

The children ate all but the Jelly. “Tastes like milk, Mommy!” was the verdict. Err.. it kinda was. Hehe..  I had wanted to make Almond Jelly but I ran out on my almond essence and upped on the vanilla instead.

The men gobbled everything up.

Oh, by the way. The guys came up with this deal. My husband will bring food on alternate days and Lunch Buddy will treat my husband to lunch on the other days. That way, Lunch Buddy gets to ‘split’ lunch with Hubs for his share.

Fair enough.

Whatever it is, there has to be RICE and LOTS of it!