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Week One

Here’s a summary in pictures of the Bentos I made this week. (Some of the content macam tidak cukup, I know! Newbie bah… ūüėõ )

I made three children bentos and¬†two¬†‘man’ bento daily. (I decided to make one for my husband’s co-league too since they are lunch buddies and with my husband bringing food from home, his co-league then no longer has a..¬†well, buddy for lunch.)

Unfortunately, I never have the time to take¬†pictures of the men’s bentos. Maybe in the weeks to come when I have mastered the skill and gained a little bit more experience.

Here’s what I’ve since learned:

  1. It’s better to pack the Bento the night before. Leave the morning packing to the essential minimum.
  2. I already have lunch containers that I can use for Bento in my cupboards! I got the Japanese Bento boxes anyway for the children¬†to excite them about the prospect of eating¬†out of a cute lunchbox that they chose for themselves. ūüėČ
  3. All my leftovers are being used up well and good! In the past, I’ve had to forgo some foods when I go grocery shopping because I feel they take too long to be eaten up and will spoil in the bottom of my fridge!
  4. The men being meat-eaters, I have to come up with¬†more filling protein dishes for them that’s also in a size that¬†fits into the Bento box! (With the men bentos, I always feel like there’s not enough space for everything!)
  5. I’d like to get an Oshibori box for each child (damp¬†washcloth in a carrying case)¬† to go with their Bentos and encourage them to use it. In fact, I should even accompany the men’s bento with one each.
  6. It would be nice if I could wrap¬†the men’s¬†bento in a cloth wrap for when unwrapped, it functions as both a desk liner and a place mat.
  7. There is definitely¬†skill to be acquired in terms of presenting healthy, compact and pretty food that my kids and the men will eat.¬†And so,¬†I’ve taken on some online Bento mentors to help me do just that. Looking forward to showing you what I’ve learned in the coming days!

Up next is building my Bento-making staples –¬†Johbisai.

SO, as they say, stay tuned!