Week One

Here’s a summary in pictures of the Bentos I made this week. (Some of the content macam tidak cukup, I know! Newbie bah… 😛 )

I made three children bentos and two ‘man’ bento daily. (I decided to make one for my husband’s co-league too since they are lunch buddies and with my husband bringing food from home, his co-league then no longer has a.. well, buddy for lunch.)

Unfortunately, I never have the time to take pictures of the men’s bentos. Maybe in the weeks to come when I have mastered the skill and gained a little bit more experience.

Here’s what I’ve since learned:

  1. It’s better to pack the Bento the night before. Leave the morning packing to the essential minimum.
  2. I already have lunch containers that I can use for Bento in my cupboards! I got the Japanese Bento boxes anyway for the children to excite them about the prospect of eating out of a cute lunchbox that they chose for themselves. 😉
  3. All my leftovers are being used up well and good! In the past, I’ve had to forgo some foods when I go grocery shopping because I feel they take too long to be eaten up and will spoil in the bottom of my fridge!
  4. The men being meat-eaters, I have to come up with more filling protein dishes for them that’s also in a size that fits into the Bento box! (With the men bentos, I always feel like there’s not enough space for everything!)
  5. I’d like to get an Oshibori box for each child (damp washcloth in a carrying case)  to go with their Bentos and encourage them to use it. In fact, I should even accompany the men’s bento with one each.
  6. It would be nice if I could wrap the men’s bento in a cloth wrap for when unwrapped, it functions as both a desk liner and a place mat.
  7. There is definitely skill to be acquired in terms of presenting healthy, compact and pretty food that my kids and the men will eat. And so, I’ve taken on some online Bento mentors to help me do just that. Looking forward to showing you what I’ve learned in the coming days!

Up next is building my Bento-making staples – Johbisai.

SO, as they say, stay tuned!


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  1. Posted by sandra on October 18, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    very nice!!

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