Week Two

First up, apologies for the delay on this post, folks. Had a little family emergency involving my youngest daughter in the course of the week.

All’s well now though.

Ok. This week I didn’t make as many Bentos as I had the past week on account of my husband and his Lunch Buddy going out of town on work duties. They didn’t want to lug a lunch box around.


In between all that, the children and I had some lunch-outs with Daddy too.

Then I forgot to take photos of the Bentos I DIDmake.

Anyway, here’s my summary for Week Two.

  1. Hey, I’m getting better at assembling the Bentos quickly. Woohoo!
  2. I managed to make some meatballs and froze them for future use. My first Bento staple!
  3. At first I had a different menu for adult and child because I was trying to balance their likes and dislikes. That got me spending way too much time in the kitchen! After a good hour of sitting down to plan with Just Bento’s Bento Planner, I was able to come up with a workable strategy. I’ll let you know the outcome in the next post.
  4. And with the new menu plan I was able to cut down on grocery expenses this past weekend. Yay!

Next, I hope to be able to talk a little bit more about what I put in the Bentos.

Stay tuned!

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