Apa Bah Tu Bento??

This is for you, Jess. 😉

From The Daily Tiffin….

What is Bento?
A traditional bentobox in 'My neighbour Totoro'.
A simple explanation would be that it is the Japanese word for lunchbox. But that would be a gross understatement. If you are at all interested in Japanese food or culture, you have probably seen the word before on a Sushi bar’s menu, or even saw it mentioned in one of the popular anime series around. But for the Japanese people, bento is much more than sushi arranged in a compartmented plate in a restaurant, or a quick lunch to take to school. In fact, making pretty boxed lunches is such an essential skill in Japan it is hard to find any woman that has not mastered it!

So what is so special about it?
One of the main points about bento boxes is that “the eye also eats” – meaning that apart from nourishing, the food should also be attractive on a visual basis.

From Just Bento

What is bento?

Bento, or obento to use the honorific term, is a meal served in a box. Beyond that basic definition though, just about anything goes as to what kind of box or container is used, as well as what is put inside that box,.

From Lunch In A Box

Are there packing rules? How do I pack a bento lunch?

The general rule of thumb for bento make-up is 3 parts carbohydrates such as rice or pasta, 1 part protein, and 2 parts fruits and vegetables, but without candy, junk food or oily foods. Packed this way without gaps, a 600ml box holds a 600-calorie meal, although it’s simple to cut back on carbs for a lighter lunch if you like.

Bringing that home to us here in KK, Sabah – just as we normally have a spread of rice, meat, veges and buah mulut on our meal tables, this meal comes compacted into a little container. And then, it is dicantikkan. Hehe…

For me, it’s helped my picky eater finish everything in her lunchbox and now asks for the same ‘quantity’ (and quality!) for other meals.  😉

And as I’ve mentioned to you before, all my leftovers are used up and no food wastage!

Plenty of ideas to glean from all the sites mentioned. Pelan-pelan la ko baca. Of course, I am available untuk ditanya anytime Babes. Hehe…

So, tunggu apa lagi? Jom Bento!  😉


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  1. Posted by Jessie on October 30, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Hi Didi.. thanks for the info… u know i am totally zero pasal this bento thingy..!!! but when i saw ur blog and facebook..(and i love your lunch boxes… can’t wait to buy it… ; ) ) i think i want to give it a try as my anaks are also picky eater punya budak!!! Surely u and ur blog will be my referrence to master in bento making…..hehehehe…!!!

  2. Posted by sanmelmoma on October 30, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    Hi Jess. Glad U came by.

    Bah. Singgah2 la. Love to have U over. 😉

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