Remember how I plan to get an Oshibori to go with the girls’ bento?

Well, a friend of my eldest daughter in Hongkong Disneyland over the Deepavali holidays and brought back a souvenir for her.

Check this out.

It was only as tiny as that when we got it. After soaking in water however, voila!

Kinda cool!

Only thing is, how do you now shrink it again to become the small star that it was?? Or does it even shrink anymore after this?? Does anyone know?

In any case, I’ll be looking around for a compact container (preferably slim!) to house this pretty little towel. I will also try the suggestion to squeeze a little lemon juice on the damp towel that’s supposed to act as an antibacterial agent and leave a pleasant fragrance. Will let you know my own findings soon!

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