Thursday Bento

“That was a sumptuous lunch!” declared my husband as he walked through the door of our home this evening.



Anyway, my daughter had a Children’s Day activity at school. Parents were asked to attend. The timing was a little off from the usual School rounds routine. So I decided to just buy them lunch this time.

As such, I made only the men’s bentos.

They had Fried Rice with Vietnamese Garlic Chicken pieces, stir-fried Bean Sprouts and Egg Rolls. I also made them Pancake Sandwiches. And I managed to take a photo of the men’s bento today.


No lah.

I had my husband take a photo of it at his office. Heh!  Should’ve thought of that move earlier!

“That’s a lot of really nice food you’ve managed today” he said too.

The secret: I prepared them all last night! All I did this morning was fry the rice and steam the egg rolls.

Update: Gotta get containers for the Guys’ fruit and dessert la…

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