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Week Three

I just discovered that my post was a subject of discussion at an online forum. Wow. Didn’t realise how far reaching my (mis?) adventures went. Nice to know this blog has a small following. It’s a great motivator to keep making my bentos!

This week…

  1. I’m really getting the hang of packing the 3:1:2 ratio. Some of my limitations (subjective, I know) is the availability of fresh produce. I tend to use the same fruit and vege over and over just because they are readily available. But I try to my best to give a variation anyway. I’ll just need to come up with a little strategy on how and where to get the freshest produce available. (Hence planting my own veges!)
  2. After that, I want to take the presentation aspect of the bentos up a notch in the coming week. Maybe beginning with shape-making using my cookie cutters.
  3. I’m really happy that my picky eater is eating everything! That really blesses a Mommy’s heart. 🙂

I’ve just added another bento blog link on my page. I am so inspired by this one. Her bentos look effortlessly beautiful! Go check it out.

This weekend I am going shopping at Daiso.


Friday Bento

Today’s bento is plain rice with shaped eggs, (“Mommy, look! I ate the fish’s head!”, “annnd the wheel of the car goes into my mouth!”) mini vege spring rolls and a cut corn cob each.

The spring rolls were too spicy for my kids.

Otherwise, everything else was gobbled away! The icing on the cake would’ve been for the kids to splash soy sauce all over their rice and egg. MUST get that liquid dropper on my next trip to Daiso!

Next time though, I will cut the corn cobs into tinier slices so it looks like a sunflower!

No Bento for the men today. It’s Lunch Buddy’s turn to treat.