Week Three

I just discovered that my post was a subject of discussion at an online forum. Wow. Didn’t realise how far reaching my (mis?) adventures went. Nice to know this blog has a small following. It’s a great motivator to keep making my bentos!

This week…

  1. I’m really getting the hang of packing the 3:1:2 ratio. Some of my limitations (subjective, I know) is the availability of fresh produce. I tend to use the same fruit and vege over and over just because they are readily available. But I try to my best to give a variation anyway. I’ll just need to come up with a little strategy on how and where to get the freshest produce available. (Hence planting my own veges!)
  2. After that, I want to take the presentation aspect of the bentos up a notch in the coming week. Maybe beginning with shape-making using my cookie cutters.
  3. I’m really happy that my picky eater is eating everything! That really blesses a Mommy’s heart. 🙂

I’ve just added another bento blog link on my page. I am so inspired by this one. Her bentos look effortlessly beautiful! Go check it out.

This weekend I am going shopping at Daiso.

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