New Goodies

So I went to Daiso and came home with these babies..

Snack Bento boxes to match the girls’ lunch bento boxes.

I indulged.

Then again, it is a 480ml box, so technically, I could serve my youngest a lunch bento in this one instead of her 520ml box, which is technically, too big for her.

Then oldest girl insisted on these pretty bags, which incidentally can fit both the Snack Box and the Lunch Bento Box. Actually, they don’t really need these bags. But I figured that since it’s functional and if it enhances their eating experience, then I’m all for it.

And I got these containers to use for the men’s dessert spread. A container of this size sells for Rm4.95 a piece at Giant Supermarket. I got TWO of these for Rm5! Pretty good huh?

And, I got these little containers to house the Girls’ wet towels. One of these sells at Rm3.95. I got THREE at, you guessed it, Rm5! Yay!

Oh my, my stash is piling up!

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