No Bento Wednesday

Today the morning was spent at one daughter’s school picking up her report card and reporting the other daughter to Year 1 in 2009. We also gave our primary school newbie a little tour to give her an idea of how life in school would be like when she formally starts there. Then I also suggested a possible routine of meeting older sis for Recess to have their snacks together. I think my little newbie is quietly analyzing her situation and coming to terms with school for the big kids.

So for today, I decided to show off a cute little organiser box I got over the weekend to store my bento-making tools.

I don’t have many tools but because I do have some and have to put together a bento quickly in the morning, I wanted a system that would be near at hand.

So I found this.

Here’s the top compartment.

For some shape-makers and cutters…

And in the drawers…

Simple and useful.

And it’s already been very helpful to have so close by.


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