Tuesday Bento

The girls didn’t have school today, so I got to sleep in an extra half hour.

Which also gave me ample time to pack the men’s Bento. Today they had my version of the Nasi Lemak, a Malaysian staple.

Cinnamon and star anise flavored rice with fried Ikan Bilis (anchovies), nuts, hard boiled egg with a killer Sambal sauce, (think super spicy!) and some cherry tomatoes to balance all that spiciness. On the side is more spice balance-r, Honeydew Melons and homemade Longan Jelly.

I got a call from my husband at mid-day that he’d forgotten to tell me that Lunch Buddy doesn’t take spicy food.


So I suggested that he pass the lunch box on to somebody else in the Office who could handle spicy. But bless Lunch Buddy’s heart, the man decided to eat it away anyway. However, both men were happy to report that the cherry tomatoes and honeydew melons did their job!

One office co-league asked how much I’d charge if he ‘ordered’ from me a lunch bento like my husband’s and Lunch Buddy’s.

Very funny.

School’s almost out. Will miss packing the Children’s bentos. Then again, it’s become such a habit to think through and plan their bentos that I will probably bento for them every other day during the holidays. I’m sure it’d be nice to eat out of their bentos at the swimming pool or the playground, you know?


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