Thursday Bento

My husband came home last night announcing that he hadn’t bought bread for breakfast today. So I told him that I would get a loaf after sending our older daughter to school this morning. Thought I had the timing well-planned but as it turns out, there was a bit of a traffic jam in Likas where I got the bread, which had me rushing back home to pack the husband’s bento.

Good thing though, I had just his to pack. Lunch Buddy has a lunch date with his girlfriend. Ahem.

So today’s bento was done in a rush!

I fried rice (with bacon bits this time) AND fried chicken (coated with Kentucky flour) to go. I will NOT do that again! Then I added cherry tomatoes and some steamed corn. On the side are homemade Longan Jelly and a slice of chocolate cake. Yes, I have noticed that the chicken skin is a little burnt.


As usual, my darling husband ate everything anyway.

Here are the girls’ bentos.

My picky eater still wouldn’t take the cherry tomatoes yet. Otherwise, she’s eaten a lot more of what I give her since I started bento-ing. The desserts of course, always gets cleaned off their plate.

Oh, by the way, here’s MY bento box.

As you can tell, I’ve since synced the menu of both adult and child bentos. So I think I will feature the children’s Snack Bentos instead in future postings.

Only, school is almost out.

But I did JUST jump onto the bento bandwagon.

So I guess, as they say, better now than never.

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