Friday Bento

My oldest girl didn’t go to school today and we had an appointment to pick up her younger sister’s report card at the odd hour of 1:45pm. My husband’s lunch buddy is out of town for the weekend. So since there was only lunch for our family of five to prepare, I announced to the husband that we will  have a Bento Picnic!

We had sushi with tuna filling, some tamagoyaki, Japanese potato salad and pasta dressed with a ‘secret’ recipe. All packed into individual bento boxes. (I had plain rice with furikake in my bento). I also brought miso soup in a hot flask and poured it into individual cups for the family to enjoy. For dessert, we had Longan Jelly.

Here’s our spread.

We had a wonderful lunch together.

As for my graduating kindergarten child, Teacher says she’s ready for Year One in big kids school!


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  1. Posted by Jess on November 9, 2008 at 12:23 am

    Wah, siok berpicnic oh…

  2. uuuiiinaaaahhh~~ macam sedap ohhhh!!!!

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