Friday Bento

So yesterday afternoon I cooked a big batch of rice and made Onigiris with the new moulds I got. I understand that the key to succesful Onigiri is the rice. It should be short grain, which I was told, is stickier than the long grain. For the purpose of experimenting, I made my Onigiris with rice I already have at home. The long grains. I added a little more water than usual so I’d have a stickier consistency. Then I dipped my moulds in salt water before shaping the rice in them.

The Onigiris shaped okay but they break apart easily. I guess I’ll be getting a small bag of short grain rice at my next grocery trip.

I wasn’t adventurous enough to make a filling for the Onigiris this round. Maybe next round.

I sent three triangular ones off with the men today. One wrapped in Nori, one plain and one is supposed to be Grilled Onigiri, but it didn’t turn out quite right.

There was also fried chicken and a vege tanghoon salad with dressing.

And, I prepared a bottle of Leong Fun drink each. I even managed to prepare an Oshibori each for the guys.


When I asked my husband which type of rice did they like better, he said, “All the same. We just put everything together and finished it all off!”



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  1. Posted by momsiecal on November 14, 2008 at 9:38 pm

    yup, sushi/japanese rice are the ones u use for sushi/onigiri..those kampung rice of ours aren’t sticky enuff n “break” off easily…

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