Thursday Bento

Today’s bento took a lot of preparation. Less cooking but lots of cutting and prepping.

With a lot of love??

I… don’t know.

I wanted to experiment with cold dishes that I could pack straight away into the bento boxes and send it off with my husband in a whiff come morning.

So, on the bento menu today was sweet potato rice paper rolls served with soba tuna salad and a dressing to go with the salad. Simple but filling dishes. I had some leftover soba tuna salad, so I sent that off together with the bentos.

Lunch Buddy polished that off.

Again, the box came back empty.

And, I made another trip to Daiso in search of a birthday gift for a family friend, and sneaked some bento tools into my shopping basket.

No, really. I WAS there to get a gift, but no harm going round to the bento aisle and picking up some goodies right….?

I got Onigiri molds!

Gonna try them out tomorrow!

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