No Bento Week?

It does look like it on account of my second daughter going through Orientation Week for Year One this week.

School starts a half hour later than usual, but a half hour earlier than kindergarten. We also need to get my other two daughters ready to come with us early in the morning because we can’t leave them behind while we settle my second daughter to school.

And, a Parents Briefing we’ll need to attend in the week.

Can’t seem to fit bento-making somewhere in there.

Maybe later in the week.

On the last day.


We’ll see.

In the meantime, my sister is in town (another reason the week is full of activities) and look what she got for the Girls!

Cutleries and Oshiboris! She just thought to get them ‘cos they were cute.

The one who got all excited over these cute goodies though is NOT the kids.

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