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First Bento of 2009!

Yay! I finally got to make one to start the year!

And it happened on the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year to say the least.

Anyway, the kids are home for the CNY holidays and will only be back to school next week. So today I was able to leisurely prepare my husband’s lunch bento.

I was telling him two nights ago that I finally feel the ‘real’ work of 2009 will begin as of the next day.

Which means after all the expenses incurred during Christmas, New Year & Chinese New Year holidays, time to cut back on the spending.

And that’s where the Bento comes neatly in.

My husband’s bento today is Kimchi Fried Rice, Biggie‘s recipe.  I left out the egg though ‘cos by the time I got to frying all the meat and vege, it was just too much work to add the egg!

Plus, at that very minute, my coming-to-4 yr old asked me a barrage of questions about breakfast and whether there’s pre-school today and are we sending Daddy to work!

My husband took this picture. At his office. I forgot to take a picture of it while still at home. Hence a little lacking on the food styling there.

I topped the rice with some steamed slices of the 8 Spice Roll, a favorite food of mine which I found at the freezer section of Servay Likas. (I never did find these in the Giant Supermarkets I’ve been to.)  And we had some leftover apple pies from McD’s so I put that in his bag for dessert or tea time snack. Whichever he prefers. I had wanted to cut up some peaches that I got for him last week but it was time to leave. Maybe tomorrow then.

Husband’s verdict: tasty but too big a helping for him to eat.


But it’s only an 800ml box!

Still, I so enjoyed making bentos again.

This week I am making juice jellos to go.