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Wednesday Bento

Today’s bento is plain rice with sweet chili shrimps, some stir-fried sweet pea, sungold yellow tomatoes and seeing the portion in his bento while I was packing it, my husband asked if he could have an egg to go with it too.

“Bull’s Eye!” and he grinned.

So one bull’s eye egg went with it.

Here’s a peek at the shrimp under the bull’s eye. There’s snow peas in there too.

To be honest, I had realized that I underestimated the shrimp portion for my man, and I was raking my brain trying to find something else to add to it with so little time left.

At exactly that point, the Hubby spoke up.

Good job he did!


I have been multi-tasking/blogging…

… and I forgot to post the bentos I made.

Sorry about that.

Anyhoo, here’s the one I made for my husband on Monday. Brown rice mixed with bits of kimchi, lap cheong (Chinese sausages, in season during this Chinese New Year) and celery kinpira.

I discovered the rice was too soft, and made a mental note to adjust the water level next time. And in the end, my husband announced he didn’t like brown rice.

“But it’s healthier!” I exclaimed.

He shrugged.

Tuesday, he had plain rice with furikake, pan-fried salted chicken (the meat well done and I removed the skin after frying) and red pepper & broccoli kinpira.

This one he liked.