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No Bento Week?

It does look like it on account of my second daughter going through Orientation Week for Year One this week.

School starts a half hour later than usual, but a half hour earlier than kindergarten. We also need to get my other two daughters ready to come with us early in the morning because we can’t leave them behind while we settle my second daughter to school.

And, a Parents Briefing we’ll need to attend in the week.

Can’t seem to fit bento-making somewhere in there.

Maybe later in the week.

On the last day.


We’ll see.

In the meantime, my sister is in town (another reason the week is full of activities) and look what she got for the Girls!

Cutleries and Oshiboris! She just thought to get them ‘cos they were cute.

The one who got all excited over these cute goodies though is NOT the kids.


Wish List and Must Trys

Yes, I have a bento Wish List too.

Here’s mine.


My littlest One will absolutely love these little ketchup squeeze bottles!



Nori sheet face-shape Cutters. Cute no??



For my Man.


And for Me.

Then there’s my list of ‘must-try’s speed recipes for bentos.

  1. Fruit Juice Jello Cups
  2. Frozen Spaghetti
  3. Mini Shepherd’s Pie (or any mini food pie!)

Recipes from Lunch In A Box and Just Bento.

Will let you know how my experiment goes. Stay tuned!

Thursday Bento

My husband came home last night announcing that he hadn’t bought bread for breakfast today. So I told him that I would get a loaf after sending our older daughter to school this morning. Thought I had the timing well-planned but as it turns out, there was a bit of a traffic jam in Likas where I got the bread, which had me rushing back home to pack the husband’s bento.

Good thing though, I had just his to pack. Lunch Buddy has a lunch date with his girlfriend. Ahem.

So today’s bento was done in a rush!

I fried rice (with bacon bits this time) AND fried chicken (coated with Kentucky flour) to go. I will NOT do that again! Then I added cherry tomatoes and some steamed corn. On the side are homemade Longan Jelly and a slice of chocolate cake. Yes, I have noticed that the chicken skin is a little burnt.


As usual, my darling husband ate everything anyway.

Here are the girls’ bentos.

My picky eater still wouldn’t take the cherry tomatoes yet. Otherwise, she’s eaten a lot more of what I give her since I started bento-ing. The desserts of course, always gets cleaned off their plate.

Oh, by the way, here’s MY bento box.

As you can tell, I’ve since synced the menu of both adult and child bentos. So I think I will feature the children’s Snack Bentos instead in future postings.

Only, school is almost out.

But I did JUST jump onto the bento bandwagon.

So I guess, as they say, better now than never.

New Goodies

So I went to Daiso and came home with these babies..

Snack Bento boxes to match the girls’ lunch bento boxes.

I indulged.

Then again, it is a 480ml box, so technically, I could serve my youngest a lunch bento in this one instead of her 520ml box, which is technically, too big for her.

Then oldest girl insisted on these pretty bags, which incidentally can fit both the Snack Box and the Lunch Bento Box. Actually, they don’t really need these bags. But I figured that since it’s functional and if it enhances their eating experience, then I’m all for it.

And I got these containers to use for the men’s dessert spread. A container of this size sells for Rm4.95 a piece at Giant Supermarket. I got TWO of these for Rm5! Pretty good huh?

And, I got these little containers to house the Girls’ wet towels. One of these sells at Rm3.95. I got THREE at, you guessed it, Rm5! Yay!

Oh my, my stash is piling up!


Remember how I plan to get an Oshibori to go with the girls’ bento?

Well, a friend of my eldest daughter in Hongkong Disneyland over the Deepavali holidays and brought back a souvenir for her.

Check this out.

It was only as tiny as that when we got it. After soaking in water however, voila!

Kinda cool!

Only thing is, how do you now shrink it again to become the small star that it was?? Or does it even shrink anymore after this?? Does anyone know?

In any case, I’ll be looking around for a compact container (preferably slim!) to house this pretty little towel. I will also try the suggestion to squeeze a little lemon juice on the damp towel that’s supposed to act as an antibacterial agent and leave a pleasant fragrance. Will let you know my own findings soon!