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Happy New Year!

Did you have a memorable countdown? Mine was. At fifteen minutes to midnight, we had a power cut! So countdown was done in darkness!

Ah well…

Had wanted to be able to start posting bentos this week, but looks like it’ll take just a little while longer before we’re fully up and running.

Lunch this year will be made primarily for my husband as all three girls are now at school in the mornings. They come home for a proper lunch at the dining table.

Not sure whether I’ll be making for Lunch Buddy yet though.

And, I got a Lock n Lock for my husband to use this year.

No more Pink Box la Cinds!

Till the next bento, have a good week!



How are y’all doing?

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been to the Food shelf at Daiso and found that you could get packs of Furikake of different flavors, some shoyu (not the more popularly known Kikkoman brand though) and Seaweed in various forms i.e. sprouts, shredded, sheets etc.


And, I got myself a 5kg pack of sushi rice (imported) from Servay for RM37. At Merdeka Supermarket it’s sold for RM34 for just 2kg.

Remember, these are just my own observations purely as the consumer, and am not in any way affiliated to the said retail stores.

Have a good week everyone!

It’s that time of year

The Christmas season is upon us. As such, I am going on a bento-blogging Christmas break.

Bentomaking has been a wonderful experience since I started. I am looking forward to starting again when school re-opens in January 09.

Life’s a little like this for me this month…


Nonetheless, have a Blessed Christmas Everyone. Happy Bento-ing whenever you get a chance to!


So our road trip was postponed to next week.

Which means no bentos this week either.

I will however leave you with some pictures of Christmas-themed bento instead.







How cute are they!


Wow. It was such a full week of activities last week with no time to pack bentos I fear I will lose what little skill I’ve learnt since.

I miss bento-ing!

Anyhoo, there’s a road trip planned for this week and I’ll be using that opportunity to pack bentos for another bento picnic!

In the meantime, some shelf space has been cleared at Daiso to make room for the incoming of some Japanese Foods! I am looking forward to it. If there are Nori sheets available for Rm5, yay!

Stay tuned!

Wish List and Must Trys

Yes, I have a bento Wish List too.

Here’s mine.


My littlest One will absolutely love these little ketchup squeeze bottles!



Nori sheet face-shape Cutters. Cute no??



For my Man.


And for Me.

Then there’s my list of ‘must-try’s speed recipes for bentos.

  1. Fruit Juice Jello Cups
  2. Frozen Spaghetti
  3. Mini Shepherd’s Pie (or any mini food pie!)

Recipes from Lunch In A Box and Just Bento.

Will let you know how my experiment goes. Stay tuned!

Bento Thought Of The Week

* Visually Appealing *

 From allthingspurple





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