So our road trip was postponed to next week.

Which means no bentos this week either.

I will however leave you with some pictures of Christmas-themed bento instead.







How cute are they!



Wow. It was such a full week of activities last week with no time to pack bentos I fear I will lose what little skill I’ve learnt since.

I miss bento-ing!

Anyhoo, there’s a road trip planned for this week and I’ll be using that opportunity to pack bentos for another bento picnic!

In the meantime, some shelf space has been cleared at Daiso to make room for the incoming of some Japanese Foods! I am looking forward to it. If there are Nori sheets available for Rm5, yay!

Stay tuned!

No Bento Week?

It does look like it on account of my second daughter going through Orientation Week for Year One this week.

School starts a half hour later than usual, but a half hour earlier than kindergarten. We also need to get my other two daughters ready to come with us early in the morning because we can’t leave them behind while we settle my second daughter to school.

And, a Parents Briefing we’ll need to attend in the week.

Can’t seem to fit bento-making somewhere in there.

Maybe later in the week.

On the last day.


We’ll see.

In the meantime, my sister is in town (another reason the week is full of activities) and look what she got for the Girls!

Cutleries and Oshiboris! She just thought to get them ‘cos they were cute.

The one who got all excited over these cute goodies though is NOT the kids.

Wish List and Must Trys

Yes, I have a bento Wish List too.

Here’s mine.


My littlest One will absolutely love these little ketchup squeeze bottles!



Nori sheet face-shape Cutters. Cute no??



For my Man.


And for Me.

Then there’s my list of ‘must-try’s speed recipes for bentos.

  1. Fruit Juice Jello Cups
  2. Frozen Spaghetti
  3. Mini Shepherd’s Pie (or any mini food pie!)

Recipes from Lunch In A Box and Just Bento.

Will let you know how my experiment goes. Stay tuned!

Friday Bento

So yesterday afternoon I cooked a big batch of rice and made Onigiris with the new moulds I got. I understand that the key to succesful Onigiri is the rice. It should be short grain, which I was told, is stickier than the long grain. For the purpose of experimenting, I made my Onigiris with rice I already have at home. The long grains. I added a little more water than usual so I’d have a stickier consistency. Then I dipped my moulds in salt water before shaping the rice in them.

The Onigiris shaped okay but they break apart easily. I guess I’ll be getting a small bag of short grain rice at my next grocery trip.

I wasn’t adventurous enough to make a filling for the Onigiris this round. Maybe next round.

I sent three triangular ones off with the men today. One wrapped in Nori, one plain and one is supposed to be Grilled Onigiri, but it didn’t turn out quite right.

There was also fried chicken and a vege tanghoon salad with dressing.

And, I prepared a bottle of Leong Fun drink each. I even managed to prepare an Oshibori each for the guys.


When I asked my husband which type of rice did they like better, he said, “All the same. We just put everything together and finished it all off!”


Thursday Bento

Today’s bento took a lot of preparation. Less cooking but lots of cutting and prepping.

With a lot of love??

I… don’t know.

I wanted to experiment with cold dishes that I could pack straight away into the bento boxes and send it off with my husband in a whiff come morning.

So, on the bento menu today was sweet potato rice paper rolls served with soba tuna salad and a dressing to go with the salad. Simple but filling dishes. I had some leftover soba tuna salad, so I sent that off together with the bentos.

Lunch Buddy polished that off.

Again, the box came back empty.

And, I made another trip to Daiso in search of a birthday gift for a family friend, and sneaked some bento tools into my shopping basket.

No, really. I WAS there to get a gift, but no harm going round to the bento aisle and picking up some goodies right….?

I got Onigiri molds!

Gonna try them out tomorrow!

No Bento Wednesday


Because my husband wanted to take the family out to lunch.

Thinking to make Onigiri for the men on Friday.

We’ll see.